Gather Ye Pumpkins While Ye May


Campovida’s idyllic farm buildings; photo ©


One of the many gorgeous edibles ripe for the picking; photo ©

By 707 correspondent, Deirdre Bourdet.

Campovida’s twice-annual 36-Hour Farm Dinners are mindfulness retreats for the food-obsessed, led by some of Northern California’s best chefs. The gorgeous farm’s next event is October 14th-16th, and features Sean and Renée Baker of ~GATHER~.

Here’s the itinerary: guests arrive at 3pm Friday the 14th for a walkabout tasting tour of Campovida’s organic gardens, Magnanimus Wine in hand, while “Nature’s Voice” Ken Boek shares secrets of the soil, blossoms, and apples surrounding you. That night you meet the chefs Baker before dinner, then feast upon Neapolitan-style pizzas topped with freshly-picked veggies you probably saw on your tour. Saturday morning, it’s up with the chickens to peruse the garden and prepare the day’s menus with the chef (dawn rising optional), with more feasting at lunch and dinner. Sunday, another farm-fresh breakfast and “chef’s farewell” send you on your way with happy smiles and happier bellies. Take a look at Marcia’s pics when she went up for a farm dinner in June—it was a memorable experience.

If you want the full 36-hour experience, it costs $400 per person, plus accommodation for the two nights. If you can’t spare the time or the cash, a 6-hour experience is also available for $230 per person. In the 6-hour fast-track version, you arrive at 4pm on Saturday for a garden tour and tasting, followed by the Saturday night appetizers, dinner, wine, and dessert in the Tuscan garden.

For more information and to hold a seat, contact Campovida at or by calling 707-400-6300. 13601 Old River Rd. at River, Hopland.