Show Dogs

Onion Rings.jpg

Onion rings photo by John A. Benson.

I’m all about budget gourmet action right now. I’m also about the delicious handmade corndogs here, hot diggity! The menu is packed with gourmet dogs (many made by local folks), with all kinds of savory toppings, like remoulade, garlic confit, and more. The brilliant tubesteak is the pickled Louisiana hot link with blue cheese—it’s like Buffalo wings that became a hot dog. Woof. This place also has some of the best onion rings in town, and a commendable beer list. Shame it’s in a super dodgy location, but it’s convenient to the theaters and shopping, and for when hunger strikes.

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1020 Market St. San Francisco
(at 6th St.)


  • Hot Dogs


  • Breakfast
  • Kid Friendly
  • Lunch
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Theater District