Tsar Nicoulai

Okay, newsflash. Last week I canoodled with one of the most dreamboat sandwiches I've had in recent memory, and I'm already plotting to have another date with it. Imagine a sashimi sandwich that went to Paris. The fabulously spendy ~TSAR NICOULAI CAVIAR CAFE~ in the Ferry Building is where I found this super-fox of the sandwich world: try gleaming slabs (they say paillard, but these were straight-up slabs) of sushi-grade ahi tuna partnered with crème fraîche, red onion, a sunny-side-up quail egg, and a generous layer of American Golden Whitefish Caviar with a sprinkling of capers, all nestled into a toasted Acme roll. It's called "the Parisien" but I call it love. It's $14 and worth every penny. It's messy, meaty, silky, creamy, tangy, sweet, salty… a totally flavor jackpot. And I thought the truffled egg was the be-all and end-all. Au contraire! I'll see you at the counter. I'll be the girl whispering sweet nothings to her sandwich.

Tsar Nicoulai
Ferry Building
San Francisco, CA 94105


Tue-Wed 11am-6pm
Thu-Fri 11am-7pm
Sat 9am-6pm
Sun 11am-5pm

Apps $12-$14
Sandwiches: $10-$14
Mains $10-$32
Caviar samplers $16-$54

This place is now closed.

Ferry Building San Francisco