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You ready to hit the town? First things first: you need to get your hands on The Tablehopper’s Guide to Dining and Drinking in San Francisco: Find the Right Spot for Every Occasion (by Ten Speed Press).

Here’s what Bruce Cole, editor and publisher of Edible San Francisco has to say: “Redefining what a city guide should be…Marcia Gagliardi’s first book has to be the hippest, on-the-money, and smartest guide to eating out in San Francisco ever published.” I know, meow.

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Want to read an excerpt? Here’s the Shituations chapter that you check out.

Now, you want to learn more about this book? Let’s hop to it:

When it’s time to take your parents out to dinner or your girlfriend on a sexy date, or when you’re looking for a hot venue for a birthday blowout or brunch with friends, who do you turn to for a spot-on recommendation? Why, the tablehopper, of course! Marcia Gagliardi (yes, moi) is San Francisco’s cuisine concierge, providing restaurant recommendations and helping thousands of diners find the right place for the right occasion.

With her unique blend of enthusiasm, insider knowledge, and sass, Marcia bases her recommendations on the reason you’re going out, who you’re dining with, and how much money you have to burn.

This first-of-its-kind guidebook has more than 580 reviews of the tablehopper’s top suggestions for:

Girls’ Night Out
Dates One, Two, and Three
Cheap Date
Guys Lunch (Dude Food)
Group Dining and Buyouts
Meet the Future In-Laws
Old-School Power Lunch
“Fun Client” Business Dining
Meat Eater and Vegetarian Coexistence
Late-Night Chow
Flying Solo
Cocktail Quests

Covering a huge range of places for all tastes, ages, and budgets, this insider’s guide also includes sections on the South Bay, Wine Country, top eats in the East Bay, and one-, two-, and three-day San Francisco culinary itineraries. Only a local and no-holds-barred eater like the tablehopper can offer visitors and locals alike such a knowledgeable and comprehensive look at the Bay Area dining and drinking scene. Here’s where to get your very own copy!