Fork Me, Spoon Me

Okay, this title totally made me laugh, and I can't believe no one has used it (or dared to) until now: Fork Me, Spoon Me: the sensual cookbook. It's like the Joy of Sex with your refrigerator, highlighting the ingredients with aphrodisiacal qualities. Author Amy Reiley has a Master of Gastronomy from France's Cordon Bleu, so she offers a wealth of sexy food info. Let's just say you'll be feeding your fella more mangos and almonds by the time you're done with the book. It has sassy illustrations of a vixen frolicking next to recipes like Green Goddess dressing or soft-poached egg on a saffron dressed salad, accompanied by some fun facts and stories. Makes a cute gift for a food-loving hussy in your life.

Fork Me, Spoon Me
By Amy Reiley

ISBN: 0977412008