Pete Mulvihill of Green Apple Recommends

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As no new traditional “cookbooks” caught my eye this month, let’s check in with The Waiter.

The Waiter has, for the last four years or so, written a witty, edgy blog at, and he has since refined, edited, and shaped his best stories into a book, Waiter Rant: Thanks for the Tip—Confessions of a Cynical Waiter. (He has also been outed as Steve Dublanica; here’s the story).

This is a fun book for those toiling tiplessly in the kitchen—see what wait staff really put up with. It’s also a fun book for waiters—think your clientele is bad? Check out suburban New York diners (and get a load of restaurant owner “Caesar”—what a piece of work). And it’s a fun (and educational) book for diners—you can learn not only how to get the best table, but also how not to have your food spit in.

It’s an obvious but just comparison, made by Anthony Bourdain himself: “a front-of-the-house version of Kitchen Confidential.” Enjoy it before you enjoy your next meal out.

Thank you for reading.