The Bore No More: 2007

What I Don’t Want to See More of In 2007

  1. No more variations on tuna tartare. Basta, please.

  2. Enough with the silly amuse bouches. Unless you’re busting out something special or exquisite, say, with caviar. Otherwise, I am no longer amused.

  3. Will the tyranny of crème brûlée flavored with [insert trendy ingredient here, from tea to yuzu] ever stop? And the mini trios of them, lord help me. Oh, and let’s not forget bread pudding. It’s become the new flourless chocolate cake.

  4. Pinot Noir. Yes, it’s a lovely varietal that pairs wonderfully with food, but I say be a contrarian and start ordering Merlot like a maniac.

  5. Bottle service. ‘Nuff said.

  6. While we’re on booze, will everyone lay off the Fernet abuse already? Try something new, like Averna, or even Amaro Montenegro.

  7. Truffle oil. Don’t even get me started.

  8. Kobe beef. Unless that steak tartare or 6 oz. filet is $150 and it’s really from Kobe, it’s just Wagyu, or Kobe-style beef, not the real deal. I wish diners and servers would stop talking about it like it’s true Kobe beef, because that Prada bag is fake, baby.

  9. Braised short ribs. They’re almost like truffle oil in this town i.e. everywhere.

  10. Hamachi crudos. Lemme guess, with yuzu, or a special salt?