January 1, 2008

January 1, 2008

Because I am feeling a little punchy, I decided to do some quick haikus for this week’s news. Please don’t forget these are hung over haikus, so if I got some syllable counts wrong, I don’t want to hear about it. The Excedrin hasn’t kicked in yet.

Sangha in Glen Park
is really truly open
Latin Japanese

Monk’s Kettle doors open
get your beer on, eats look good
like giant pretzels

stupid fire, poor Globe
reopening this week, cool
turbo timing, no?

Citizen Thai and
The Monkey is closed, kaput
pissed jobless servers

get ready for this
Honeydoo now Swirl Culture
yogurt comes in Feb

crazy rumors build
who is the new chef for Myth
could be ritzy, hmmmm

some booze buzz buzz too
Milk and Honey looking here
wooing bartenders

Coffee Bar hello!
plus eats and beer and wine, hic
free wi-fi, tap tap

South starts Aussie brunch
Sunday Sessions Jan 6, mate
Sydney Sunrise, cheers!

Fish and Farm new chefs
Charlie Kleinman Jake Des Voignes
good guys do good food

Sebo winter break
until January 8
the fish will return

my favorite news
Grant Achatz beats the cancer
heart swells, happiness

next week more for you
big stories and small ones too
this is hard, no mas