June 25, 2010

June 25, 2010

Photo by France Ruffenach.

Looks like owner Pamela Busch of ~CAV WINE BAR & KITCHEN~ is finally succumbing to the wine bar format people have always associated with the place. Personally, I have loved all three of the executive chefs she’s had cooking there over the past five years, but it seems a simpler offering is going to be easier for the needs of her clientele. June 30th will be the last night of dinner service, and chef John Maher will then be focusing on his next project, perhaps his very own. (I look forward to seeing where he lands.)

Busch said the menu will be pared down to a selection of charcuterie that someone will be making for her, 18-20 cheeses (I’ve always been a fan of the cheese plates here), and smoked fish. Look for an amped-up selection of wines (up to 250 to choose from), and more of a focus on the retail side of things. She is also going to be curating a large selection of delicious wines at the $20 price point, something many of us can appreciate. Starting July 6th, hours will be Tue-Thu 3pm-10pm, Fri 3pm-12am, and Sat 1pm-12am.

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