July 17, 2015

July 17, 2015

Aperitivo time means Aperol Spritzes and Negroni Sbagliatos. Photo: Ryan Robles PR.


A classic piadina at The Italian Homemade Company.


Rye on the Road knows how to rock the bar.


Housemade tortellini pasticciato! Photo from a tablehopper event with Campari.

Last night, I cohosted my first event with EatWith, Aperitivo Time in Rimini, at ~THE ITALIAN HOMEMADE COMPANY~ in North Beach. Campari America and Rye on the Road made sure we got into an aperitivo frame of mind quickly, with plentiful Aperol spritzes (click these links for recipes!), Negronis, Negroni Sbagliatos, and their fantastic summer Negroni. (I love seeing a room full of red and deep orange cocktails.) Here’s the complete photo album on Facebook!

The Italian Homemade Company in North Beach is a casual spot run by some bona fide Romagnoli (which would be people from the region of Emilia-Romagna)—we feasted on a classic piadina (a flatbread filled with tangy stracchino cheese, prosciutto di Parma, and arugula), followed by a cassone (a hot, stuffed sandwich that is like a calzone made with piadina dough—we tried a traditional cassone with spinach, potato, and mozzarella), and my personal favorite: piping hot housemade tortellini pasticciato (the sauce was made with Bolognese and a ton of béchamel!). Mamma mia! No carb left behind! Plus we had some tiramisu made fresh that morning, which made me adore that dessert all over again.

I broke out my vintage tablecloths to cover the bar tables (mom’s old Vera tablecloth from the ’70s, represent!), and to match, I put together this Italian playlist on Spotify, Aperitivo a Rimini with some Italian classics (you can listen to it here)—when the kitchen starting singing and dancing along, I knew I had made a good one. Such a fun night!

If you didn’t make it to our little festa last night, you can always swing by The Italian Homemade Company for lunch or early dinner (the portions are hefty!), or do takeaway of their freshly made pastas.

You should also take a look at the many events listed on EatWith—it’s a global platform for unique dining experiences, and a great way to discover home restaurants and pop-ups, locally and around the world, from Alsatian Flavors of Texas to Moroccan feasts to summer grilling with chef Jonnatan Leiva. Bonus: tablehopper readers can use an extra-special first-time user discount code: use code EatWithMarcia for 15 percent off from now through August 31st!

Mille grazie to EatWith, Campari America, The Italian Homemade Company, Rye on the Road, and all our fabulous guests for such a special North Beach night! Baci!

You can check out the complete photo album on Facebook.

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