A Few Tidbits: Dumplings, Pizza, BBQ!


Photo from Tenderblog.

Dagnabbit, my intern reports that one of the city’s best spots for dumplings has closed: ~LITTLE SAIGON CAFE~, the former brick-and-mortar operation from the owners of the Happy Dumplings cart. Fortunately, their seasonal pot stickers will still be available at the Stonestown farmers’ markets on Sundays. But, quick on the heels of this sad news, Tenderblog brings word that ~CHAIRMAN BAO~ is taking over the space, and will be using it as the kitchen for their food truck. The Chairman is also reportedly taking over the Baguette Express space next door, which will become a takeout counter in a few months, pending permits. (I will refrain from making any jokes about red tape.) 670 Larkin St. at Ellis.

7x7 brings news that the ~ORBIT ROOM~ has installed a pizza oven, a communal table (here’s hoping they got rid of some of those terrible granite cocktail tables), and updated their cocktail menu. According to a post on Yelp, there’s a new owner behind all these changes. 1900 Market St. at Laguna, 415-252-9525.

And just down Market, it sounds like things are on target for ~REBEL~ to open in the Triple Crown space on Monday February 28th, and Sneaky’s BBQ will be serving barbecue seven days a week (they just did a soft opening party last night). Dinner will be offered in the evenings Mon-Fri, and all day on weekends. Plus, they’re offering take out and delivery within a 1.5 mile radius during their business hours. 1760 Market St. at Octavia.