A Grand Shot of Coffee


Liquid affogato at Grand Coffee.

Last week, as I was riding my bike home from a lunch in the Mission, I swung by the new ~GRAND COFFEE~ for a little fuel. As mentioned previously, owner Nabeel Silmi is applying some bartender skills to the barista craft. What you see here is the off-the-menu liquid affogato, a layered shot of cane syrup, Clover half and half, and Four Barrel espresso. Yeah, it’s one heck of a shot (to the system). I then proceeded to order an iced latte to go, which Silmi shakes up like a cocktail in a shaker, adding a little simple syrup so you don’t need to worry about adding any sugar. Delish and frothy. The space is tiny but cool, with epoxy concrete floors, jazz music playing, reclaimed redwood planks, and a beautiful La Marzocco Linea three-group paddle. (I’ll be back for an egg cream next.) Hours are Mon-Fri 7am-4pm, Sat-Sun 8am-5pm, and starting July 10th, Grand Coffee will also be open Fri-Sat from 9pm-12am. You can keep track of the café’s offerings and hours on their Twitter feed.