A Letter from the Golden Gate Restaurant Association (GGRA)


Fellow restaurant owners/chefs and family,

We want everyone to know that during this crisis we at the Golden Gate Restaurant Association (GGRA) are making all our resources and information available to our whole restaurant community, regardless of if you are a member or not. We have been working with SF officials closely over the past few weeks and are continuing to share out all information/resources/help we can.

I feel your pain personally, having closed my two restaurants, Terzo and Rose’s Café on Monday night and laid off all our employees. I took on this role of acting Exec. Director in January and promise our team is approaching this from understanding the real pain of owner/operators and chefs.

I know there is frustration and folks want to do separate asks, etc. but I suggest if we all share info and work together we’ll have a shot at accomplishing more.

You can join our GGRA Facebook page and connect to our newsletter/member blast list.

Here is a link to the latest newsletter, which is full of resources and important info.

You can reach out to me directly, or on my mobile 415-305-3020.

We will continue to work on several ways to get cash into our restaurants and employee’s hands as quickly as possible.

With love & hope,
Acting Exec Director, GGRA
(and owner Terzo and Rose’s Café)