A New Bagel You Can Score on Sundays from Earl's Bread


An array of golden and delicious bagels from Earl’s Bread. Photo: © tablehopper.com.


The sunny beer garden at All Good Pizza. Photo: © tablehopper.com.

On our gloriously sunny Sunday this past weekend, I was happy to hop in my car and scoot over to ~ALL GOOD PIZZA~ in Bayview, where you can now find another player in our locally made bagel scene: Earl’s Bread (you can read about other locally made bagels in this piece I wrote for 7x7.com).

Earl Shaddix is a familiar face to anyone who attends Bayview food events and farmers’ markets, and he has been working on his own bagel for the past year and a half. They’re delicious, with a great flavor and chewy texture.

The flour he uses from Central Milling in Petaluma is fresh-milled from organic, non-GMO wheat growers (he drives up there to pick up the flour every month). He makes the dough 24-36 hours in advance, hand-rolls them, boils them in malt and water, and bakes them in the deck oven at All Good Pizza around 5am on Sundays. You can come by from 8am to 10am for a freshly baked bagel ($10 for 6 or $19/dozen)—slip through the gate on the Flora Grubb side of All Good (Hudson Street) and head to the back door of the pizza truck. You can get plain, poppy seed, sesame, and everything, and Earl also does a dozen of Maldon salt-onion each week as well. Since he’s just making 10 dozen every Sunday, they usually run out by noon.

At 10am, All Good opens for brunch, and that’s when you can get a bagel with cream cheese ($3) or a plate with lox ($8.50). And a mimosa. And one of their breakfast pizzas. And a beer. Yes, you have options. Their sunny beer garden is full of picnic tables, and don’t forget you can pick up a cappuccino or whatever you like at the Ritual Café inside Flora Grubb Gardens, just around the corner. 1605 Jerrold St. at 3rd St.