A New Series from La Cocina: F&B: Voices from the Kitchen


Sopes with chorizo and potato by El Huarache Loco. Photo: © John Ater.

~LA COCINA~ has another rad project in the works, of course. This time, it’s a series called F&B: Voices from the Kitchen, and it’s a twice-yearly storytelling series paired with food. The first one kicks off at 5:30pm on Wednesday October 28th, with the theme of authenticity and its role in how we think about food. Storytellers include Bonnie Tsui, author of American Chinatown, Jordana Rothman and Alex Stupak, co-athors of the upcoming book Tacos: Recipes and Provocations, and La Cocina’s own Veronica Salazar talking about why she doesn’t make or sell burritos.

The speakers will incorporate performance, multimedia, and, of course, food and drink, in the presentations. The evening begins with a cocktail reception from the Bon Vivants, along with bites from the Swedish American Music Hall’s chef Thomas McNaughton and special guest chefs, like Salazar’s El Huarache Loco. You can find lots more information here, and tickets start at $35 per person for general admission. There are also $25 tickets available for industry workers and students who don’t have the budget for a full-price ticket. 2174 Market St. at Sanchez.