A New Soul Food Place Unveils... the Burger Dog!


Another project I have been tracking for a while is ~FRISCO FRIED~, a new soul food joint that opened up on January 16th after months of work and preparation. It’s a family affair: owner Marcel Banks and his uncle-chef Geeto, who have both grown up in Hunter’s Point, are working with the rest of their family to get the project going. And so far, the neighborhood is reportedly loving it. The menu includes chicken and waffles (with two pieces of chicken, only $5), all kinds of seafood (like the popular garlic-roasted crab and noodles), oxtails, and get ready for this: the burger dog. Chef Geeto’s creation is either ground chuck or turkey that’s seasoned and then rolled up like a link, and served with condiments in a hot dog bun. I am all over it—will report back soon!