Aktun Comida Yucateca Opening in the Former Emmy's Space in Bernal


The exterior of 18 Virginia Ave., future home of Aktun Comida Yucateca. Image from Google Streetview.

A tipster sent us the news that there is a new taker for the former Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack space in Bernal. It’s called ~AKTUN COMIDA YUCATECA~ and will be serving local, organic food, again according to our tipster. Sadly, we weren’t able to get any information on who is running the new project. Emmy’s said they have no involvement in the space at all, and calls to adjacent bar El Amigo (which our tipster seemed to think was involved) were a dead end since their line is disconnected.

However, we were able to nab a picture of the menu in the window, which looks promising. Dishes include a 4505 hot dog with habanero crema, grilled onions, jalapeño, sweet peppers, and cilantro; ceviche made with local petrale sole, peppers, onions, lime, and corn chips; and fried plantains with butter and cinnamon. We’re still working on getting details, so file this one under “developing.” 18 Virginia St. at Mission. Update: we got word from Joe Kaplan, the owner of El Amigo, after our deadline. He is indeed opening Aktun in the former Emmy’s space, and will be focusing on tequila and mezcal in the bar. Aktun is having an opening party this Friday May 1st from 7pm-11pm, with cocktails and small plates.