Alameda's Acapulco Is Reopening


Acapulco exterior. Yelp photo by Greg G.

A post on Chowhound mentions a taker for Alameda’s ~ACAPULCO RESTAURANT~. The post says, “Mike (owner of Paradise Grill and Best Burger in San Leandro and Paradiso at Willow Park in Castro Valley) has purchased Acapulcos and is revamping the interior and the food. He’s purchased the recipes, but says that, while he’ll use them as a basis, he plans to include homemade sauces, etc. Planning permits, etc. are troublesome in Alameda, but he hopes to open in March. Also, NO MORE wine margaritas. He’s working on the liqour license, too.” That was one informative post, thanks. 2104 Lincoln Ave. at Willow, Alameda.