Alas, Tell Tale Preserve Co. Will Not Be Coming to Maiden Lane


The Rebel Within; photo by William Werner.


The Rebel Within, the money shot; photo by William Werner.

William Werner’s ~TELL TALE PRESERVE COMPANY~, which was slated to open this year on Maiden Lane, is sadly no longer going to open in that location. The amount of work that was going to need to happen to the space (oh, like major electrical work) was going to drive the project way over budget, so it’s been, uh, canned. Werner tells me he’s looking for another place around town for his pâtisserie, and it doesn’t need to be very big, or even downtown for that matter—he just wants a place with some character where he can sell his tasty wares. (Feel free to contact him if you have a lead!)

In the meantime, you’ll be able to keep getting your Rebel Within fix at his stand at the Tuesday and Saturday Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, in addition to his distribution to Sightglass, Four Barrel Coffee, and Coffee Bar, and his “trunk show” pop-up at Big Daddy’s Antiques in Potrero Hill (1550 17th St. at Wisconsin).

Speaking of pop-ups, a very cool project coming up is The Rapha Cycle Club, temporarily opening in a corner space at 2198 Filbert Street at Fillmore. The shop, which will sell Rapha’s pretty dang spiffy cycling clothing and accessories, will also be serving Four Barrel Coffee (there’s a big square table in the shop) and Werner’s pastries. You’ll be able to read cycling magazines, and check out an art gallery of cycling photography. They will also be projecting race coverage of the Giro d’Italia and Tour de France on a wall, and organizing club rides. So cool, right? Hours will be Mon-Fri 7am-7pm and Sat-Sun 7am-6pm, and it will be open from May 5th-July 31st.