All Northern California Café Gratitude Locations (and Gracias Madre) to Close


I Am No Longer Going to be Available. (Maybe.) Photo: ©

Some big news from SFist this morning: “Terces Engelhart, owner of ~CAFÉ GRATITUDE~, just posted the following announcement on her Facebook page announcing the closure/sale of all Northern California Café Gratitudes locations. According to Englehart, some ‘aggressive lawsuits’ from former employees brought him to the decision to shutter his vegan/cult restaurants.”

All Northern California Café Gratitude locations will be closed/sold, including the very popular Gracias Madre (the Los Angeles Café Gratitude location will remain open). A second Facebook post says, “we will be open for at least a few months depending on the sales of our locations.” After speaking with management at Gracias Madre, I learned one hope is that a corporation or group will buy the NorCal locations and keep them open. If you are curious about the “aggressive lawsuits,” the SFist piece has more.