American Cheese, Please

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This Thursday December 17th, ~FOREIGN CINEMA~ is hosting Clark Wolf, author of the newly published book American Cheeses. The evening will feature dishes celebrating American cheeses, and Clark will discuss his favorite cheeses, answer questions from diners, and sign copies of his new book, American Cheeses, which will be for sale throughout the evening. The menu will include special dishes such as Private Reserve Fondue with Sonoma Toast, Marion Burro’s macaroni and cheese, and goat cheese cheesecake, among other dishes, and will particularly highlight cheesemakers in the Bay Area, including Soyoung Scanlan from Andante Dairy. Dishes will be priced à la carte. Wine director Zach Pace will be on hand to offer wine pairing options with each dish. Foreign Cinema’s full dinner menu will also be available.

Event Info

Thursday Dec 17, 2009