Anthony Strong's New Project Moving Into Hog & Rocks Location


Chef Anthony Strong at his recent Cibi Cotti pop-up. Photo: Victor Wong.


The exterior of the Mission’s Hog & Rocks. Photo courtesy of Hog & Rocks.

After chef Anthony Strong left the Delfina Restaurant Group back in 2016 after 11 years, he then launched his idea for a restaurant-less delivery service, Young Fava, operating out of the Turtle Tower kitchen in the evenings. He soon became disenchanted with the concept for various reasons, and announced he wanted to go back to more of a restaurant format where he would have contact with his guests.

He then did a month of some fantastic pop-ups under the name Cibi Cotti at the former Local Mission Market—testing dishes and ideas while scouting for a permanent brick-and-mortar location—until new ownership took over. Strong soon found his spot through his friend, Scott Youkilis, owner of ~HOG & ROCKS~, and what a great location it is.

Youkilis says Hog & Rocks was coming up on eight years in its prime Mission location, and he decided it was time to move on. With Strong’s interest in the space, it was the right time to make a move; the two of them will be working together in the transition of the space. The plan is to close in mid-April, Youkilis will be keeping things business as usual until they have an official closing date finalized. So swing by now for all the oysters, all the ham, all the cocktails.

As for what Strong has in mind, he is remaining tight-lipped about it until March, so I’ll keep you posted. He does say he’s thinking about all unicorn everything. And axe-throwing. (Kidding.) Whatever it is, I know it will be thoughtfully considered, creative, and delicious. We all have something to look forward to.