Atelier Crenn Hosts a Dialogue Dinner with Scott Anderson


The rear dining room at Atelier Crenn. Photo by Brian Smeets for Grub Street.

~ATELIER CRENN~ will continue their fascinating and poetic take on cooking on Tuesday August 14th and Wednesday August 15th when they host chef Scott Anderson of Elements in New Jersey in another installment of Dialogue: A Series of Collaborations, Creativity, and Conversations. The dinner will be a food “conversation” between Anderson and chef Dominique Crenn. The dinners will consist of ten courses, with the courses alternating between the two chefs, sort of like a culinary call-and-response game.

The cost of the dinner is $160, and wine pairings are available for an additional $100. Reservations can be made by email. (You can read more about Scott Anderson and Elements in this post by ChuckEats.)