Aziza Moving to a Downtown Location


Aziza’s meatball-and-grape skewers.

After months of hearing rumors of ~AZIZA~ looking to move its location to the downtown area, it’s actually happening. I heard it was going into the “cursed” Zinnia (and Scott Howard, and 500 Jackson) space, and since I was at Aziza on Sunday night celebrating a friend’s birthday, I asked owner Mourad Lahlou about the details at the end of our meal. I was informed there was still no deal after many months of negotiating and back and forth, but lo and behold, less than 15 hours later, the Scoop reports the deal had been signed Monday morning. Huh.

Since I still seem to be waiting for that phone call, here’s what the Scoop’s piece mentions: the food will continue to follow its current modern Moroccan path, and Olle Lundberg will design the space. The entrance is reportedly going to be moved to Montgomery Street (the new address will be 801 Montgomery Street), and it will have 95-105 seats, with plans for a private dining room in the big basement. As for the current Geary Street location, either Lahlou will leave the space, or—as I have hoped—he’ll keep it as a location to serve the more rustic and homey Moroccan fare his regulars have always enjoyed. Construction is supposed to start in 60 days, which should be about enough time for me to get interested in the project again.