Bad News: Drivers Smashed Into Dogwood Bar and Joey and Pat's Over the Weekend


A view of Bar Dogwood on the corner of Telegraph Ave. and 17th St. in Oakland. Photo from Facebook.

It looks like two local drivers made some really bad decisions this weekend. Very early Sunday morning, cars crashed into and damaged two local businesses, ~BAR DOGWOOD~ in Oakland and ~JOEY AND PAT’S~ bakery in the Mission, according to The Chronicle. Fortunately, no one was injured in either crash, and all drivers and passengers fled and have not been found. According to their Facebook page, Dogwood will reopen tonight, which is pretty amazing.

Mission Local reports that the building on Folsom and 21st Street that houses Joey and Pat’s may have to be vacated entirely, since the car destroyed a major support beam. We know how difficult an incident like this can be for a small, locally owned business, so here’s hoping everyone can get back on their feet soon.