Bagel Shop News: Schlock's Opens in NoPa, Poppy Bagels Finds an Oakland Home


A selection of Schlok’s bagels (pic taken during the pandemic—they have changed!). Photo: ©


An array of the fantastic Poppy Bagels (you have never tasted a sesame bagel like this one). Photo: ©

It’s a great week for bagel news. Now open in Nopa (after the typical bureaucratic delays and other shenanigans) is ~SCHLOK’S~, which started as a pop-up out of The Snug in the Fillmore from Zack Schwab and James Lok during the pandemic. These hefty, crusty, New York-style bagels are known for their one-sided toppings (one side remains plain) and their housemade schmears. Their new location is in a former part of the laundromat space (which downsized, but still exists).

While their production is ramping up significantly with all their new equipment and space, I have been watching them sell out since they soft-opened over the weekend. Early birds get the worm since you can preorder bagels on their site starting at 6:45am for same-day pick-up. Additional bagels, plus bagel sandwiches and coffee, are available via walk-up ordering, but they seem to sell out by 9am or so. We’ll see how things settle down in a couple weeks as they ramp up production. You can read more in their FAQ and in this in-depth Eater piece. Open Wed-Sun 7:30am-12pm (or sold out). 1263 Fell St. at Broderick.

I was so thrilled to see my favorite bagel maker (there, I said it), Reesa Kashuk of ~POPPY BAGELS~, landed her dream bakery and shop space in Temescal (the former Doña Tomás). In her announcement post, she mentions is targeting late summer/early fall, and you know this native New Yorker is going to be serving a bagel egg and cheese. She will continue making and delivering her fantastic hand-rolled bagels during this ramp-up as long as she can, and if you want to support this badass female entrepreneur, she is raising capital on SMBX. 5004 Telegraph Ave. at 50th St., Oakland.