Big 4 Starting a Series of "Mad Men" Dinner Specials


How I roll at the Big 4: Moroccan lamb spice burger and a Manhattan.

~BIG 4~ is getting in on the retro vibe, and starting September 1st is going to be offering a “Mad Men” dinner series every Wednesday evening. The $36 three-course prix-fixe menu (cigarette not included) will feature throwback menu items the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce team would enjoy tucking into. There will be four separate menus rotating each Wednesday, with specials like vodka-soaked shrimp cocktail, chicken Kiev, clams casino, surf and turf, and bread and butter pudding with whiskey sauce. Classic cocktails will be highlighted on the menu (which is all I ever order there), like Manhattans, old fashioneds, gimlets, etc. The specials will run through October 27th.