Blue Bottle Coffee and Tartine No Longer Merging


Blue Bottle at Bryant Park. Photo via Facebook.


Sesame loaf from Tartine Bakery. Photo via Facebook.

Earlier this year, the big news was that two iconic San Francisco-born businesses, Blue Bottle Coffee and Tartine Bakery, were going to merge. And now, seven months later, the merger is off. They “ultimately decided that remaining separate companies makes the most sense,” according to a press statement from both companies.

Which makes this a good time to update you on the progress of Tartine Manufactory in the Heath building, which is now targeting spring 2016 for an opening. (The original bakery, at 600 Guerrero, will also be getting a big update.) They also have projects in LA, New York, and Tokyo.

Meanwhile, Blue Bottle Coffee has its upcoming project coming to 2453-2455 Fillmore St. (in the former Juicy News and Tully’s), which has been making its way through planning. Blue Bottle also has additional projects in the works in the Bay Area, New York, LA, and Japan.