Brandon Jew No Longer the Chef of Chino


Brandon Jew. Photo from Facebook.

Brandon Jew and the Tacolicious team have a big announcement: Brandon is no longer the chef of ~CHINO~the upcoming Cal-Chinese restaurant in the former Andalu—and they have amicably parted ways as of today. In a statement about the change, Tacolicious’ Joe Hargrave says, “Brandon has taught us so much and is so passionate about Chinese cuisine, but his Chinatown restaurant project is in need of his attention. Ultimately, Brandon and I had to make a difficult but essential business decision. We feel it will behoove both of our businesses if he can focus more intently on the restaurant concept he started before Chino came into the picture. This was a tough decision for both of us.”

Hargrave and Tacolicious/Chino chef and partner Telmo Faria will continue to lead the project, and their concept to offer a Cal-Chinese restaurant with a menu focused on dumplings, noodles, and strong cocktails remains unchanged. The team just returned from a research trip to Taipei, and are as fired up as ever.

In closing, Hargrave says, “We look forward to Brandon’s restaurant opening, and we will be there to support it when it does. Similarly, we expect to see him at Chino, with a shot of baijiu in his hand.”