Breaded: Marla Bakery Opening a Mission Café, Guest German Baker at The Mill


Mmmm, bread (by Josey Baker). Photo: ©

Carb lovers, here are two tidbits for you. While Amy Brown and Joe Wolf of ~MARLA BAKERY~ are busy getting their Outer Richmond bakery up and running (opening in 2014), they are also opening a walk-up café at the commissary kitchen where they do all their current wholesale baking. They’re calling it Marla Bakery Kitchen Communal, and it should be opening mid-November. You’ll be able to walk up and get bread, pastries, plus espresso and coffee from Wrecking Ball Coffee, and some lunch boxes too. Hours to start will be 9am-3pm (via Scoop). 613 York St. at 18th St.

If you notice a German accent on some of the breads at ~THE MILL~ in the coming weeks, it’s because baking fiend Josey Baker is working alongside guest baker Josef Wagner from Bavaria, who will be baking there from Tuesday November 5th-Saturday November 23rd. The duo will be collaborating on new creations and techniques for the next three weeks, so come on by! Ja wohl! 736 Divisadero St. at Fulton, 415-345-1953.