Butchertown Gourmet Opening in Bayview This Month


The first batch of Fox and Lion bread from the new oven. Photo via Facebook.


A wine bottle and a cute wine bottle sconce at Butchertown.

Last fall, we told you about the new project from Xan deVoss of Fox and Lion Bread and Barbara Gratta of Gratta Wines, ~BUTCHERTOWN GOURMET~, and I’m thrilled to report they have set their grand opening date to Saturday June 20th (visit their Facebook page for details on the party). The ladies have been doing some pizza nights on Fridays as soft-opening test runs in the meantime and will start them back up starting June 19th (luckily for us).

When things are fully up and running, you’ll be able to come by during the day for deVoss’s fresh-baked bread (she will be offering her rustic country-style levain, batard, and two loaves: raisin and rye deli loaf), and there will be a breakfast sandwich in the morning, on housemade English muffins, plus cinnamon rolls and granola. You’ll also see premade sandwiches on focaccia (both a meaty one and a vegetarian one) that you can grab and go. There is drip coffee and espresso service—they’re using Equator Coffee—and look for some fun Cubano-style style drinks, too, plus they plan to get Joyride cold brew on draft (in addition to some beers!). Check out the menu right here. Initial hours are looking like Tue-Fri 9am-2pm and potentially 9am-4pm on Sat.

As for Gratta’s portion of the business, the plan is to pour her wines a couple of evenings during the week, so Thu-Fri 4pm-9pm and Sat 1pm-7pm. There will also be some meats and cheeses available. She has a tasting bar in the back, while the bakery and some shared seating is in the front. Here is the list of wines available. And even though there’s a wine bar, it will be a family-friendly environment.

As for the name, just a little reminder that Bayview used to be called Butchertown (so don’t show up expecting a meat case). Congrats ladies on getting Butchertown Gourmet open! Follow along on Facebook for updates on the opening, hours, and more as it takes shape. 5273 3rd St. at Williams.