Café Terminus, Now Open in the Financial District


The bar at Café Terminus. Photo courtesy of Urban Daddy, by Michael David Rose Photography.

Last week, one of my neighbors-about-town let me know Dennis Leary and Eric Passetti’s ~CAFÉ TERMINUS~ was on the brink of opening, and whaddya know, it softly opened just before the weekend. It’s right where the California Street cable car line ends, hence the inspiration for the name. The place has a sleek look, complete with tiles, a chalk-white concrete bar, and slick lighting, including pendant lamps.

The tables haven’t arrived yet (they should be there within the next couple weeks), so for now, pretend you’re at a European stand-up bar in the morning when you get your coffee (and egg in brioche!), or you are at a Parisian Métro station when you order your sandwich on the go for lunch (there are two items daily, like a Cubano, served until 2:30pm—look for this to evolve), or hang out at the bar for an aperitif after work (and if you happen to work in the stock market, then here’s a new place to add to your list since it’s meant to have a bar vibe as soon as lunch wraps up).

The cocktail menu (put together by Will Herrera) was inspired by the drinking culture you’ll find around train terminals and cafés in Paris and Rome. Eric Passetti wanted to make sure a fair amount of pastis and absinthe was well represented, so you’ll note their presence on the unique menu. There’s the Citizen’s Committee, with gin, pastis, orgeat, mint, and lemon, and the Métro, with rye whiskey, pastis, and grenadine. Look for the number of vermouths and amari to increase as well. Their hope is to become a regular hangout, and part of many FiDi workers’ routines.

Hours are Mon-Fri 7am-2am for now (yes, you read that right—stand by for those hours to get tweaked in time). 16 California St. at Drumm.