Cala Now Serving Tacos for Lunch at Tacos Cala


Tacos for lunch at Tacos Cala. Photo courtesy of Cala.

Exciting things keep happening at ~CALA~: today Gabriela Cámara and her team opened for lunch during the week. The back-alley taco spot is called Tacos Cala and is in the back of the restaurant (enter through Hickory Street).

The menu is focused on tacos de guisado, with three different options—meat, vegetarian, and vegan—that will rotate daily. The tortillas are made of corn that is nixtamalized in-house. There will also be aguas frescas, iced horchata coffee, and those who want to hang out at the standing table can order bottled beer and wine by the glass. Hours are Mon-Fri from 11am-3pm. Enter on Hickory Street (between Franklin Street and Van Ness Avenue).