Can You Help These Folks with Their Projects?


The delightful Azalina Eusope. Photo by Tim Benson.

Here’s a trio of folks who could use your help in getting their projects off the ground, please take a look! All the projects come with some great perks, so please read about them and give what you can!

First, the lovely Azalina Eusope of ~AZALINA’S MALAYSIAN~ is gearing up for her first brick-and-mortar location, in the Twitter building, this September, but in the meantime, she has sadly lost access to the very important commercial kitchen space she uses for catering, wholesale, and her packaged goods. She found a space to lease and build her own kitchen that’s big enough for all her needs, but she really needs some help to get it built. Here’s her MoolaHoop campaign—please be sure to watch her video!

~MARLA BAKERY~ will be launching their new brick-and-mortar bakery in the Outer Richmond on May 31st, and want to create a garden space in the back (for guests can enjoy) in addition to fruit trees, an herb garden, and more, all designed by Paxton Gate. Here’s their Kickstarter; you’ve got until May 1st to contribute. 3619-21 Balboa St. at 37th Ave.

Lastly, any of you gluten-free folks should take a look at the new magazine that Erika Lenkert will be launching in Fall 2014, Gluten-Free Forever. It will be beautifully designed and photographed, and as a lot of us know, launching a magazine isn’t cheap. Here’s their Kickstarter.