Carrotmob and Old Skool Cafe Team Up


Some of the staff at Old Skool Cafe. Photo courtesy Old Skool Cafe.

The awesome Bayview restaurant ~OLD SKOOL CAFE~, which is run by at-risk youth, is now working with Carrotmob (no relation to Carrot Top—uh, scary) to provide its staff with a college scholarship fund. All you have to do is visit Carrotmob’s Old Skool campaign website and buy a $25 voucher (buy as many as you want!). You can use the voucher anytime at Old Skool Cafe, and 15 percent will be put aside into a college scholarship fund for the staff.

If you haven’t checked out Old Skool yet, you can take a look at the menu here. Maybe it’s time to head over for brunch, and help some kids out in the process. 1429 Mendell St. (3rd St. and Oakdale/Palou), 415-822-8531.