Cawfee Tawk About Artís, Wildcraft


The counter at Artís Coffee. Yelp photo by Artís.

By Dana Eastland. After opening in Hayes Valley earlier this year, coffee roaster ~ARTÍS~ has opened another location in the Castro, according to Hoodline. The shop’s specialty is that they roast all of its coffee to order, so you go in, pick your beans, and then specify the darkness of your roast. While you wait, your beans are roasted. But don’t worry: if you’re in a hurry and just need a cup to go, there are preroasted beans too. There are also pastries and non-coffee beverages available. 506 Castro St. at 18th St., 415-796-3694.

The Castro has another brand-new coffee shop called ~WILDCRAFT~. Hoodline reports that they are offering some different options for your cup of joe, including sheep’s milk instead of cow’s milk for your espresso drinks. They are also offering $1 coffee in the afternoons and heated bone broth to go—a trend that definitely raises some eyebrows over here. The beans are from Ritual, and the small space is well designed. Owner Theresa Beaumont hopes to host special events and other happening in the space moving forward. 2299 Market St. at 16th St., 415-400-5036.