Cawfee Tawk: Blue Bottle Kiosk at Heath Closes, Plus Closures in the Castro


Blue Bottle’s kiosk at Heath. Photo from Facebook.

A couple of coffee closures around town: Blue Bottle Coffee has decided to close its four-year-old kiosk in the Heath Ceramics building—the last day will be Sunday October 16th. (I kind of wondered how long it was going to be there with the opening of the Tartine Manufactory just next to it.) Eater’s report says, according to Blue Bottle, it has “simply outgrown its 250-square-foot environs and is ready to make the leap to a larger space.” Meanwhile, things are getting closer for Blue Bottle’s 2 South Park location in the former Jeremy’s (sniff sniff). November 4th is the opening date.

Castro residents have probably noticed ~ARTÍS COFFEE ROASTERS~ (at 506 Castro St.) closed about a month ago, while their Hayes Valley location (at 537 Octavia St.) remains open. ~EUREKA! CAFE~ also closed (at 451 Castro St.), so it seems the Castro coffee scene is a bit tough. [Via Hoodline.]