Changes in Daniel Patterson's Alta Group (at Dyafa, Kaya Closed), Dabba Marina and Avedano's Closing


The cheerful and colorful dining room at Dyafa. Photo: Connor Bruce.


Rum punch is an instant party at Kaya. Photo courtesy of Becca PR.

First, Heena Patel of Besharam announced she was splitting off from Daniel Patterson’s Alta Group, and now Nigel Jones of Kaya has ended his partnership and closed the restaurant (you’ll still be able to find him at Kingston 11, his restaurant in Oakland). And this just in: Reem Assil of Dyafa at Jack London Square is terminating her consulting agreement with Alta Group on August 9th. Read more about the issues afoot in Alta Group in this SF Chronicle piece.

After a year in business, ~DABBA~ is closing its Marina location—they are focusing on a new franchise partnership; the popular SoMa location will remain open. [Via Eater.]

And after 12 years in business on Bernal, ~AVEDANO’S~ butcher shop has decided to close on Sunday June 30th. It ends up their rent has more than doubled, and their building, and the building next door which houses their private dining room (the Udder Room), kitchen, bathroom, general storage, and production space have been sold. Add in labor issues, the fact that many people get their groceries delivered, and other hardships, and they have decided to close, unless someone comes up with some bright idea with how they can continue, or some iteration of the business. You can read the full note on their website. Best wishes. 235 Cortland Ave. at Bonview.