Changes in the Mission: Hi Lo Closing, Lazy Bear Moving In


Hi Lo’s exterior. Photo by Nader Khouri.

It looks like ~HI LO~ from Scott Youkilis and company is going to be closing in about three months. The space, which has made quite a few adjustments to their cocktails, menu, and format since opening about a year ago, has been profitable, according to Youkilis and a story in Scoop. However, the group received an offer from David Barzelay of the pop-up Lazy Bear that they simply couldn’t refuse. They’ve also got the fire-damaged Maverick to reopen. Hog & Rocks across the street will stay open and within the group, with chef Robin Song at the helm.

As for the timeline, Hi Lo will stay open until the liquor license transfer to Barzelay is complete, which typically takes about 90 days. Barzelay isn’t saying yet if his new spot will be called Lazy Bear, like his pop-up, or Anagram (the name he used when looking for investors awhile back), or something entirely new. Of course, as all this progresses we’ll update you.