Chef Chad Newton Off to His Next Venture

I had a chance to catch up with chef Chad Newton, who had his last day at ~FISH & FARM~ on April 17th. Owners Frank Klein and John Duggan sold the restaurant, and Newton is now going to be working with Frank Klein on two ventures: American Box, the box lunch program they started at Fish & Farm, and Parcel BBQ, which, according to Newton, is going to be all about “meat on brown butcher paper that’s been slow smoked, well-sourced, and served with limited sides like slaw and potato salad, and white bread, with minimal sauce.” There will also be big red wines on tap, a root beer list, and, hopefully, late hours. They are still seeking a location for both ventures, so timing is TBD.

As for Fish & Farm, you’ll still be able to get that excellent beef-tastic burger, because taking Newton’s place is Obed Ix Yah, aka the burger king—he has worked with Newton since Baraka, and was the one grilling up all the burgers every night at Fish & Farm.