Chef Changes at Chez Panisse: Jean-Pierre Moullé Is Retiring, Cal Peternell Taking His Place


Photo from Chez Panisse on Facebook.

I have been sitting on this news for a couple months, and of course I get this release minutes after my column posts. Today ~CHEZ PANISSE~ officially announces chef Jean-Pierre Moullé is retiring from his position. In a press release from Chez Panisse, Alice Waters writes, “Jean-Pierre will of course remain a vital member of the Famille Panisse. He will oversee special events and return to the restaurant from time to time to cook and to continue the marvelous tradition of the Chez Panisse teaching kitchen. Over the last year he has been invaluable in bringing along his successors, Jerome Waag and Cal Peternell who will be sharing the downstairs chef position for the next year, Jerome for summer 2012 and Cal for winter 2012. Beth Wells will continue as Café co-chef and Nathan Alderson will join her in that role.” Further details/clarification: Cal is going to be moving from upstairs to downstairs, and Jerome Waag officially begins his new position (previously held by David Tanis) on May 1st.