Chef Thom Fox No Longer at Public House

With the transformation from Acme Chophouse to the new ~PUBLIC HOUSE~ and ~MIJITA~ restaurants, executive chef Thom Fox has left his position to cook at Oracle, taking a different job within the Bon Appetit Management Company family (the parent owner of Acme, and now the new establishments). I caught up with co-owner Traci Des Jardins, who said she knew his departure was imminent, so they set up the kitchen to be able to run efficiently once he cut ties. She has four sous chefs and created a new hierarchy, promoting one to be a kitchen manager, and two are now executive sous chefs. Traci is staying in her role as chef/partner and will continue to manage both Public House and Mijita. She mentioned the restaurants are continuing to evolve during this early stage, and she’s excited to keep learning what people want on the menus at each place.