Chubby Noodle Marina Now Open and Slinging Tasty Vittles


Interior photo by Michael David Rose Photography, courtesy of Urban Daddy.


The hot fried wild snapper. Photo courtesy of Chubby Noodle.

After blowing things up for their grand opening this past weekend, ~CHUBBY NOODLE MARINA~ is now open for regular business. Chef-owner Pete Mrabe keeps fine-tuning and tweaking the 12-item menu, which has a few dishes in each section (noodles, seafood, meat, and dim sum). The dim sum picks include chicken buns and pork and shrimp shu mai, and the seafood section features hot fried wild snapper (with arbol chile, garlic, ginger, and onion). You can order the chicken noodle soup, which is more like a ramen with fried chicken, and I kind of can’t wait to try the hickory-smoked bacon jook with a fried egg.

The former Gatip Thai has been remodeled by Bon Vivants Design+Build—it’s a 49-seater, with high-top communal tables (which you can also reserve for large groups) that are right next to the open kitchen, a stand-up bar, and wood booths with bench-style seating.

Co-owner Nick Floulis (Pushback Wines) is behind the wine and beer list, and clever wine-based cocktails (which we mentioned in our previous piece), plus there’s sake on tap, one of the first places in the U.S. to offer it.

Open 5pm-12:30am nightly, but they are pondering closing on Mondays (just double-check their hours on their website before you head over or give ‘em a call). 2205 Lombard St. at Steiner, 415-655-3335.