Closures (Marbella), Project Cancellations (The Parlour), and Sales (Miss Pearl's)


Marbella exterior. Photo: Rebecca Kinney. ©

A friend in Russian Hill let me know that ~MARBELLA~, the restaurant concept that replaced Rex Cafe in April, has closed. Unfortunately, I have not been able to reach my contacts at the restaurant (both emails have bounced), and while the phone remains connected, no one is picking up during business hours. We’ll see what’s next for the space. 2323 Polk St. at Union, 415-441-2244.

Eater breaks the news that ~HUMPHRY SLOCOMBE~ will not be opening their upcoming project, ~THE PARLOUR~, in the 3000 20th Street compound next to Central Kitchen and Trick Dog after all. Taking over the space will be a location of Sightglass Coffee, with a TBD opening date. Stand by for updates.

Last week, a friend in the East Bay shared that ~MISS PEARL’S RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE~ in Oakland was sold to Chris Pastena (Chop Bar, Tribune Tavern), who will be taking it over at the end of the first week in January. My source says it’s going to be a Northern Italian place, and Eater mentions the new concept will be called ~LUNGOMARE~, opening February 7th (wow, how specific!). 1 Broadway at Water, Oakland, 510-444-7171.