Closures: Home on Market Street and Jubili on Fillmore


Home patio and fireplace; photo from their website.

A tablehopper tipster let me know that ~HOME RESTAURANT~ filed for bankruptcy and closed last week. Inside Scoop shared further details that there was a potential deal to sell the restaurant to the owner of Lookout, but the transfer of the ABC’s liquor license was going to prove to be problematic (read all about it here if you’re interested). Time will tell who steps up next. 2100 Market St. at Church.

A reader also let me know that ~JUBILI~, the frozen yogurt and cereal place on Fillmore, appears to have closed. She says, “No notice yet, but the place looks cleaned out-ish, and not open midday on a Monday. Sad. It was quite good yogurt, but every time I was there I was one of (maybe) 2 people in there. I think the other two yogurt places must have more targeted walk-by traffic.”