Closures (Whomp, Whomp)


The dining room at Tommy Toy’s. Photo from Facebook.

After a commendable 27-year run, ~TOMMY TOY’S~ will be closing on Saturday March 30th, according to Scoop. People can call the room and dining style dated, but I actually wish someone with some kick-ass Chinese chops would take it over and rock it. The opulent and over-the-top dining room was beautiful—I’d love to still be able to go to a banquet dinner in there. The food may have slipped over the years, but the room is so fabulous that I’m sorry to see this old-timer go. I swear, if I had some money… 655 Montgomery St. at Merchant.

Another old-timer is leaving the scene: ~HAIG’S DELICACIES~, the awesome Mediterranean market on Clement Street that had a 57-year run. Such a bummer. You can read a note from the owners here on The Richmond blog. Their wholesale business will continue, so you’ll still be able to buy some of their products at stores in the Bay Area. 642 Clement St. at 8th Ave.