Coming Soon from Deli Board: 1058hoagie


Hubba, a hoagie! Photo from 1058hoagie.

The very sick mind behind ~DELI BOARD~, Adam Mesnick, is launching ~1058HOAGIE~ later this month (he’s targeting mid-April). Like the original Deli Board, you’ll be able to pick up a hoagie from the Deli Board back door a couple nights a week, and they will also be delivering hoagies in the SoMa area via bike messenger. Hoagies will be served cold and on sesame seed rolls for about $10 for a 12-inch sandwich. Examples include the #1 (capicola, mortadella, Genoa salami, provolone, seasoned onions, cherry peppers, shredduce [thinly shredded lettuce], shhh sauce [house pepper/garlic sauce], salt and pepper, oil and vinegar); the #2 (roast beef, provolone, seasoned onions, horsey sauce, shredduce, s&p, o&v); and the #5 (New York smoked salmon, green onion cream cheese, sprouts, seasoned onions, shredduce, capers).

Service is probably going to coincide with Giants night games. You can follow 1058hoagie on Twitter and Facebook for updates on the schedule; (website coming soon). 1058 Folsom St. at 7th St., 415-552-7687.