Coming Soon to the Mission: Posole (a Place, Not Just the Soup)


No, it’s not posole–it’s actually Don Pisto’s amazing chicken tortilla soup. Yelp photo by Jonathan T.

Posole fans, this one is for you. Taking over the former and vacant Minako space on Mission will be ~POSOLE~ from Pete Mrabe of Don Pisto’s and Chubby Noodle Marina and North Beach (and the former Amante, which he is morphing into Pete’s). He’s going to be serving his rather fantastic posole with classic garnishes (like cilantro and onion) and says he may add in a few other soups, too, like chicken soup and other specials. It’s a tough space because of the limited kitchen, which is why he’s keeping it simple. As he said, “There are all kinds of places that only sell pho, so why not just posole?” Why not, indeed. We’ll keep you posted on the opening after he gets sign-offs. 2154 Mission St. at Sycamore.