Corporate Pastry Chef Matt Tinder Reportedly Leaving Daniel Patterson Group


Matt Tinder; photo by Antoinette Bruno/

I have heard through a couple of sources that Matt Tinder, the corporate pastry chef for the Daniel Patterson Group (Coi, Alta CA, Plum, Plum Bar, Haven), is leaving at the end of the month to head up the pastry program at Meadowood at the start of the new year. I should actually say returning to Meadowood, since that’s where he was working from 2009-2010, before he moved back to San Francisco in 2010 to work at Saison, and then Coi.

I spoke with Daniel Patterson, who has no comment except to say, “Matt is working with us and doing a great job.” So file this one as unconfirmed until I can get an official statement. The talented Tinder has been working with DPG since 2011, and I put his amazing preserved lemon 6:10 dessert at Coi on 7x7’s Big Eat list for 2013. He was also one of the San Francisco Bay Area 2013 Rising Stars.