Danger At Your Door


Ruh roh: those evil sandwich-makers at ~PAL’S TAKEAWAY~ are now offering delivery to the greater Mission area from 11:30am-2pm on Thursdays and Fridays (they plan to add more days soon). Which means you can have sandwiches like cousin Sven’s big caraway turkey meatballs on an Acme bun with Gruyère fondue, pickled cabbage, and grainy mustard ($8) brought right to your door. They ask for you to allow 30 minutes for delivery, and it’s a $15 minimum order, plus a $5 delivery fee. Which is a fee I wouldn’t mind paying if I was sick, it was raining, and I was hungry. Oh yeah, and if I lived in the Mission. Sigh. Call 415-203-4911 to order.